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What is Electronic Cigarette Liquid
Electronic cigarette liquid is a liquid produced from non-chemical ingredients containing very small amounts of nicotine and herbal aroma, which is heated by the atomizer in the structure of electronic cigarettes and turns into steam. Electronic Cigarette Liquid contains Carbon monoxide Formeldehit Chemical Industry Substances Such as Tar, which is used for colorless and foul-smelling disinfectant purposes.
What's In Electronic Cigarette Liquid Content

Electronic Cigarette Liquids are three main ingredients. The first is a thin liquid called propylene glycol (P.G) and this liquid has no taste. The purpose of this liquid is to use electronic cigarette liquid, to regulate the hardness of the liquid. Because the more this material is in liquid, the harder the liquid gives off steam.The second main ingredient in electronic cigarette liquidist is herbal glycerin (V.G). This substance is obtained naturally and is also used as a sweetener in food stuffs. The purpose of using herbal glycerin, which is a very sweet and dense liquid and electronic cigarette liquid, is to determine the density of smoke. Smoke may be denser or less than the ratio of glycerin in liquid. The other main ingredient in liquid is nicotine. This nicotine is used at a rate of one thousandth of a gram, but it is still produced in nicotine-free liquid for those who do not want to use it.
Electronic Cigarette Liquid Is Harmful

Natural, herbal products are used in electronic cigarette liquidity. In addition, there are no more than 3000 carcinogenic substances found in real cigarettes and no electronic cigarette liquidity. Therefore, besides real cigarettes, it is indisputably harmless. However, it is important to remember that in the use of electronic cigarettes; The purpose of electronic cigarettes is to quit real cigarettes. It is not a good choice to use electronic cigarettes continuously by deflecting them from their purpose. For this reason, it is the right choice to be used until the end of smoking addiction. Directly (mouth, skin, etc.) due to nicotine contained in Electronic Cigarette Liquids. It Is Harmful to Use By Means, Electronic Cigarette Liquids Should Be Kept In Unreachable Areas and Cool Environments of Children and Pets.
Which Electronic Cigarette Liquids You Should Use

One of the factors to be considered when using Electronic Cigarette Liquid is that users using lung extraction (DL) Electronic Cigarettes should pay attention to the high VG content of the sieve because the e The steam attraction of cigarettes is a shot that goes directly to the lungs, so liquids with PG-weighted content may cause some damage to different oragans of the body, although not as much as normal cigarettes. Pod Mode or MTL Shooting Electronic Cigarette Users Will Take Steam To The Maximum Larynx Section with up to 40% PG content and maximum 10mg Of Moderate Nicotine Liquids containing 20mg of Nicotine according to the body's Nicotine Needs The most important factor to consider is that the content of the liquids you buy is Premium Quality, one of which is Gourmet Liquid.
How to Tell Premium Quality and Reliable Liquids

These liquids are the simplest model of electronic cigarette you use regardless of factory standards and the frequency of use has a coil (internal atomizer) life as an example; If the coil life of the electronic cigarette you are using is 25-30 days and in the correct voltage range, but your coil is expiring once or every 10 days a week (if the electronic cigarette you use and the coili original) there is a problem with the liquidity you use. and you need to stop using that liquid as soon as possible. Another Example That Shortens the Life of Both Your Electronic Cigarette and Your Coilin: Quality 1kg Cheddar Cheese 11 Kilos Of Milk 1 kilo milk price hypothetically 1.50 cents let's take 11x1.50 cents if we say 16.50 cents 1 kilo of quality cheddar cheese only milk cost means that when we add costs such as boiling, yeast, labor, packaging etc., we find an average of 25 tl and you need to buy a quality cheddar cheese at a minimum of 30-35 tl if you buy it from the manufacturer, but If you buy 1kg of cheddar cheese at sales prices between 20-25 tl, there is a problem here either the quality of the cheese you buy is very poor or the quality of the material used is very poor or it is made from artificial unhealthy materials (milk powder (such as cheddar cheese) which means that this is one of the factors affecting your health, which means that the cost of a premium quality electronic cigarette liquid, regardless of its brand, is between 20-25 tl in the middle and 100 tl for 100 tl or 1 piece 20 under the name of the campaign Liquids that are -25 tl are not premium quality and healthy liquids, even if they come from abroad. If we compare this example by paying attention to this example, we will understand which premium quality healthy liquids are, no matter how good their taste, and using poor quality liquid sleazy will not be very good for you and your electronic cigarette where how and we do not recommend using liquids that are unknown under which hygiene conditions are produced.
What is Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquid?

One of the most commonly used terms in the world of electronic cigarettes is the one known as premium liquid or premium electronic cigarette liquid.So what is the premium electronic cigarette liquid? What distinguishes it from other electronic cigarette liquids? 
The essence is related to the proportion of VG contained in the content of electronic cigarette liquids, VG Vegetable Glycerin, namely vegetarian glycerin, vegetable glycerol, income and a kind of Turkish fountain variety obtained from plants.Premium refers to VG Rate, not VG. This term is contained in an electronic cigarette liquid and is used to describe the ratio of jeterian glycerol. A phrase like Premium vegetarian Glycerol is wrong and  there is no such term.Normal electronic cigarette liquid or Premium e liquid contains the same VG,the same vegetarian glycerol. The VG ratio is much higher in premium electronic cigarette liquids.Premium Digital Indicator and High Watt Contents Premium electronic cigarette liquids, which are used in the same way as electronic cigarette models, have a vegetarian glycerol content of 70% to 85%. For this reason, they are much more comfortable to drink and produce more intense steam. The more intense aroma of steam makes the aroma feel better at the user.That's why premium e-liquid available on the market is much more preferred than traditional electronic cigarette liquid types. Because VG is a very valuable chemical.