Gurme Liquid Vanilla Wafer DL

The synthesis of premium aromas consisting of a wonderful flavour combination of vanilla and creamy wafer flavour Gurme vanilla wafer e cigarette liquid is 35 ml, used in liver shot tanks and in pod mod electronic cigarettes using coil that can be taken, there is no payment system at the door for this product For purchases of 2 units or more, the shipping fee belongs to our site

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Gurme Vanilla Wafers are original e liquids, made in accordance with the recommended usage rates of Pg Vg and nicotine from the best quality aromas untouched in a completely stable environment and is referred to as Vanilla Wafer Lung attraction, which does not cause throat burn suitable for use in electronic cigarettes and pod mode e cigarettes that can use lung extraction coil, it is a liquid in the Premium Liquid Category due to the quality VG and PG used in the content of nicotine-free or nicotine rates suitable for you when buying Pod mode and e cigarette users using mtl coil and so-called MTL and Cigarette smokers can order from liquids in the “Pod Mod Mtl Salt Liquids” Section. Gurme Vanilla Wafer electronic cigarette liquid consists of 80% VG and 20% nicotine PG aroma.

* Electronic Cigarette Liquids should not be stored in extremely hot environments that are sunny or above Room Temperature.

* Non-Smokers, Women under the age of 18 and during pregnancy should not use electronic cigarette liquids containing nicotine.
* e cigarette liquids should not be kept in easy access to young children and pets or non-domestic animals.
* Electronic Cigarette Liquids should not be used directly in oral etc