Gurme vanilla wafer MTL Pod Mod liquid

The synthesis of premium aromas consisting of a great flavour combination of vanilla and creamy wafer flavour is compatible with pod mod e cigarettes,MTL tank and MTL coil electronic cigarettes using pure nicotine liquid. There is no payment system at the door for this product, Gurme vanilla wafer mtl Pod Mod electronic cigarette liquid is 35ml

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Gurme vanilla wafer pod mod is compatible for use in electronic cigarettes,which are referred to as MTL smoking and used in MTL mesh coil or MTL winding tank.For esigaras that smoke lungs or hookah, you can order from the liquid in the "electronic cigarette liquids dl" Section.Gurme vanilla wafer electronic cigarette liquid consists of 40% VG and 60% PG flavour with nicotine.
* Electronic cigarette liquids should not be stored in sunlight or in extremely hot environments above room temperature.
* Non-smokers, women under the age of 18 and during pregnancy should not use electronic cigarette liquid containing nicotine.
* E cigarette liquids should not be kept in places easily accessible to young children and domestic or Non-Domestic Animals.
* Electronic cigarette liquids directly into the mouth etc. It Should Not Be Used In Ways.