Joyetech was founded in 2007 with head office in Shenzhen, China and multiple factories throughout Southeastern China. As one of the largest vapor device manufactures globally Joyetech’s executives saw the importance in building highly talented teams of engineers, designers, and production management, in order to create the highest quality vapor products possible. Joyetech as a whole devotes immense resources into research and development of new technologies, material science and consumer product design. It is this dedication to evolution that has made Joyetech a leader in the space for the last 10 years, contributing many standardized technologies and innovations to the industry.
In early 2016 Joyetech continued this path of innovation and standardization by cooperating with renowned Research and certification laboratories throughout the European unions and the United States. Through this work Joyetech’s production facilities have received the highest certifications possible for a vaporizer manufacture. To match this, Joyetech also created a dedicated team of individuals to oversee regulatory compliance throughout the EU, the USA and new markets developing globally. Joyetech sees the value in cooperating with key players such as the VTA, GVSA, SEVIA, IBVTA, BFTG. We even obtained the first UL certificate for e-cigarettes in the world. This is just the beginning of our cooperation with the world’s leader of compliance - the UL. Through these types of cooperation Joyetech is securing its place as a global leader in Compliance.
Joyetech as a leader in the vaping industry devotes immense resources into research and development of new technologies, material science and consumer product design.
Joyetech brought Dry-Burning Protection technology to market, extending shelf life of pod based products.
Joyetech adapted and created the RFC and NCFilm technology, A large advancement in vapor heating technologies. 
JWEI created the ECO technology an innovation that reduces the power requirements for vaporization providing a safer experience and longer battery life. 
Joyetech also introduced the Top Fill Top Airflow or (TFTA) in this year the combination of this with prior advancement made the eGo All in one or (AIO) the highest selling starter kit in the global market. Joyetech brought forward the technology of Mesh Coil named as “NotchCoil” and JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) System for Penguin series.
Joyetech introduced the technology making the firmware in the device capable of consumer updates.
Joyetech was the first manufacture to apply Bluetooth and mobile app integration into a vaping device up until this point no other manufacture in the vaping industry had been capable of creating this technology.
Joyetech innovatively introduced 'TFTA' (top-fill, top-airflow) technology, resulted in no real leaking.
Joyetech brought the First integration of a digital display screen to a vapor product. This technology has been one of the fastest advancing sector of the vaping industry since its introduction.
The eGo-C atomizer is launched. This was the introduction of the first innovative changeable coil system. This innovation drastically reduced the waste and environmental impact of vaping products and is now used industry-wide for almost all products.
The eGo-T is launched. The world’s first refillable tank system for a vaporizer. Allowing the user a much higher level of convenience than any product before.
Joyetech introduced the eGo Battery. The first 14mm vaporizer showcasing a much larger battery capacity than any other product of the time. 
For the purpose of industry standardization Joyetech introduced the 510 threaded connection as well as the 5 click on/off safety function.
Joyetech was founded and began production specializing in E-cigarette manufacturing with the mission statement of bringing the consumer Joy through electronic technology.

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