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Gurme Almond Biscuits MTL Pod Mod liquid

A unique mixture of almonds and biscuits with milk It consists of a flavor that gives the taste of almond cookies.Pod mode e cigarettes using only nicotine liquid, MTL tank and MTL coil are compatible for electronic cigarettes used. There is no Payment System at the Door for This Product.Gurme almond biscuit MTL Pod Mod is 35ml.


Gurme Banana Boss MTL Pod Mod liquid

Banana coffee consists of the perfect blend of caramel and vanilla, compatible with electronic cigarettes used in pure nicotine liquid pod mod e cigarettes MTL tank and MTL coil There is no payment system at the door for this product


Gurme liquid Melon DL

It is a combination of the world's sweetest finest high quality and most preferred melon aromas in Europe, gurme melon e cigarette liquid is 35 ml lung shooting tanks and lung extraction coil can be used in pod mode electronic cigarettes 2 pieces and above shipping fee for purchases belongs to our site and there is no payment system at the door

35TL 30TL

Gurme vanilla wafer MTL Pod Mod liquid

The synthesis of premium aromas consisting of a great flavour combination of vanilla and creamy wafer flavour is compatible with pod mod e cigarettes,MTL tank and MTL coil electronic cigarettes using pure nicotine liquid. There is no payment system at the door for this product, Gurme vanilla wafer mtl Pod Mod electronic cigarette liquid is 35ml