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Gurme Liquid Almond Biscuits DL

A unique mixture of almonds and biscuits with milk It consists of a flavor that gives the taste of almond cookies. Gurme Almond Biscuits are 35 ml, liver extraction is used in tanks and pod mode electronic cigarettes using coil that can be shot in lungs, there is no payment system at the door for this product

35TL 30TL

Electronic Cigarette Likiti DL Campaign is empty

Turkey premium quality electronic cigarette liquid is located between the liquid yi Liquid Gourmet 4 gurme 5 gourmet with valuable customers who buy as a gift, Moreover, free shipping service in Turkey, the campaign applies to purchases made via the site


Electronic Cigarette Liquid DL Free Shipping Package

The gurme Premium Quality Electronic Cigarette Liquid free shipping package includes 2 gourmet liquids of your choice.We don't have the option of paying at the door. The order placed after the wire transfer or eft is sent to your address by cargo. The grammation of the 2 liquids in the campaign is 70ml.